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Anyone who has gone through the experience of buying or selling real estate will tell you that it is a combination of pressure, frustration, and ultimately compromise! One of Vienna’s numerous objectives is to ensure that your next step is a positive one. Vienna Bianca was formed with a single goal in mind. “To exceed my clients’ expectations in terms of outcomes”. Vienna Bianca Ybañez is a staff midwife at Well Family Midwife Clinic and has a BS in midwifery from Evelyn E. Fabie College Incorporated. She also works as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Ayala Land Inc. – Avida Land Corp. Her assertive manner has assisted her in securing world-record-breaking deals. She currently focuses on creating and achieving a bright career while maintaining a balanced life through real estate and online product sales.

She will gladly guide buyers and sellers through the real estate sale process and help them complete the transaction. Since then, she has sold hundreds of properties ranging from affordable housing to high-end apartments, luxurious subdivisions, and private homes. She intends to provide transparent service to every client to assist them to find their dream home or turn their properties into an investment property – regardless of where they currently reside or want to reside/invest – with her real estate experience, training date, and excellent communication competence nurtured through her background in midwifery. Vienna Bianca Ybañez is a hardworking businesswoman who works as a real estate agent as well as a well-known online product seller in the city. She sells a variety of imported bags from well-known brands, as well as luxurious scents from various perfume brands and other accessories.
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